About Turning 20

About Turning 20
September 15, 2017 Bolu Akindele

There’s something about life’s milestones and the need to celebrate yourself and your journey when you reach those milestones
– Quote by someone who just wants to talk about his journey to 20.


Truth be told, that’s the only valuable reason I could give myself whilst contemplating whether or not to come up with this post. So, yes I’m 20. Not 22 or 23 or even 25 like many others have assumed. I still haven’t been able to come up with a valid reason why people never guess my age right or are amazed anytime I tell them my age but I guess it’s a good thing anyway.

Not being able to guess my age right has been really advantageous I must confess because you get to see my brilliance before knowing how many years I have spent on earth. And yes, I think I’m a brilliant young man

So, how does it feel to be 20?
Truth be told, I don’t think there’s that one word that can capture how I feel about being 20 today. I feel normal, excited, joyful and teary-eyed all at the same time.

Normal because I woke up today like any other day and pretty much did everything the same way I do those things on every other day. So, it kinda feels normal.

I’m excited because I am finally 20. You have no idea how long I waited for this day to come and it has finally come. My phone has been buzzing since midnight and like every other birthday for the past three years, my phone battery is in the “reds” already.

I’m really joyful because it’s been an awesome sail through the first 20 years of my life. I’ve been through good, bad and great times in a span of just 20 years. It makes me sometimes feel like I’ve experienced much more than is required for someone my age to.

I’m teary -eyed because I know where I’m coming from. This time last year, I felt my life was a total mess. At some point, I began to nurse suicidal thoughts. It was that terrible but one year later, it feels like that never happened. I hope to write on how I journeyed through that phase into the phase I’m in now.

I will be eternally grateful to God and every single person I have met on my life’s sojourn. At this point, I really want to mention names but I feel I will miss out on some people if I start because I have a really long list but if you are reading this, I’m telling you a big thank you.

Experience has been one of my numerous teachers. I’ve always questioned why my life’s experiences never aligned with what I expected in life. But the answer always stood right back in my face. My experiences have shaped me. One major lesson I learnt this year and I’m still learning was on LIVING. Living your life as passionately, openly and expansively as you can.

What next after 20? I keep living my life as passionately, openly and as expansively as I can.

Thanks for being with me on this journey. I Love You.

From the guy who just turned 20.


  1. TeeMee 2 years ago

    Wawu! Happy 20th,bro. Now i need buckle up before mine is here

    • Bolu Akindele 2 years ago

      Lol. Buckle up well. The whole world is at your feet, Timi. Take it by storm. I know you will do “ah-mazingly well”

  2. Gracious chinaza 2 years ago

    This is great……. Thumbs up bro….??and more grace…. We just hope we do greater things now we 20…great start for a great you??…just make sure its God leading you in all you do…. I believe in you

    • Bolu Akindele 2 years ago

      Wow. Thank you Chinaza. I’m grateful. God bless you for the kind words. Enjoy the rest of your day

  3. Happy for you, Boluwatife. You’ll be glad you went through all those in your teen years. 20 is amazing already❤

    • Bolu Akindele 2 years ago

      Thank You Tee Faith! Thanks for being a vital part of that journey

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