You don’t deserve to Die – The continuity Plan

You don’t deserve to Die – The continuity Plan
February 9, 2017 Bolu Akindele

So, for the past few days, I’ve been thinking about a whole lot of initiatives, ideas and great plans that didn’t bloom to full potential during its existence.

It’s quite easy to conclude that it’s a leadership problem or the idea / initiative wasn’t a sustainable one hence it’s death but I beg to differ.

I’d like to believe that the problem is two dimensional. For want of a better word, let’s call it a problem from the top and the bottom.

Top, meaning the founder / owner of the initiative / the CEO / the pastor / the visionary e.t.c. anyone who occupies the lead role basically and the bottom meaning anyone who basically comes in contact with the idea / vision. They may be volunteers, members, employees e.t.c.

The problem from the top is essentially that of providing adequate and intentional mentorship. The moment an idea or even a ministry has been in implementation for at least about 3-5 years, it is imperative that you (the founder) find a younger person to invest in.

Sometimes it’s harder to find the perfect person because most people just want to take selfies with you (especially when you’re quite popular figure) and aren’t ready to go through the hard work of learning the ropes but there’d be that one person.

That one person who can sit at your feet for hours just learning, serving and burning with incredible passion.

It’s not rocket science. You have to open your eyes to see the one person or group of persons to invest your life in

It’s even better and easier when the person is one of those who started the implementation with you (Although, the is rarely so)

The person knows where you’re coming from, the struggles and pain of starting from scratch and has a mental idea of what the future looks like.

Most times, these people come raw so you’d have to prune them to shape and discipline them till they become really beautiful and responsible enough to be handed over too.

What this does is to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the idea. It also ensures that the vision can transcend generations.

The role of the follower is to identify where he should rather invest his life in, remain diligent there and learn all that you can. Not all companies are meant for you and not all ministries should have you.

There’s no point following one who’s passion and core values don’t even align with yours.

When these two ultimately take on their duty passionately, the sky would be the starting point for our ideas / visions and companies.

We would be able to see each generation hand over a culture of growth to the other.

So, ultimately your vision doesn’t have to die with you. It can outlive you

Go and explore!


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