My Frustration with Christian Lingos

My Frustration with Christian Lingos
February 4, 2017 Bolu Akindele

This is one subject I really love to talk about but I promise to be very brief!

There’s something about Christian lingos a.k.a christianese that’s just confusing and very misleading.

I mean, I don’t even have to be a Christian to know these things. I just need to hang around one or two of them, be a part of their discussions for a while and boom! I bet I’d be able to flow perfectly.

It’s very deceptive in that, most of us are easily bought into the things that sound and look Christian and can comfortably fall for anyone who has got a grasp of these things. Don’t think too far on the reason for the increasingly high rate of scams and frauds in the church community these days. Herein lies our problem

In marriage and choosing of a spouse, it would normally seem that the ladies face more torment here but thinking about it now, guys have their own fair share of the whole challenge. It would seem that at some point, God’s voice appears to be echoing in the room of every single person around as they would quickly lay claim to “God said you are my spouse” and sometimes with irrefutable proof. Don’t be too quick to blame them please, they know you also won’t agree to the proposal if they don’t say God told them specifically it was you abi?

The business world pays dearly for this when such people get into the scene. Their spiritual business names literally calls down the Holy Ghost Fire [I don’t believe anything like that exists though].

So, a Christian would rather say “it is well” to a pending situation at work instead of engaging the true power of the Holy Spirit in creative thinking and teaming up with other members to look for immediate solution and sometimes he/she would quickly come up with “Christian excuses” like fast, leading from God and all sorts not to perform a given task or to finish late. That’s probably nothing compared to when the head at work is a member of your church or a fellow Christian. There is a higher tendency for these excuses to come up because of course, they should understand these things.

The pressure on social media is even the height of it. We have all become pastors and our pulpits; the TL on twitter and the news feed on Facebook. We thought Instagram was being left out until the Jesus slay queens found their way there. This just creates a form of pressure amongst folks to live up to the “spiritual standard” that has been set by the others

So, we have ultimately come up with our own version of dress codes and modes of speech in a bid to be different from the world and anyone who doesn’t conform to that would be ultimately judged as being carnal.

Your relationship with God is not based on the creativity with which you pop in “it is well” into discussions or the frequency at which you insert words like “the spirit led me” into your discussions. It is not also based by the number of scriptures or motivational speaking you attach to your pictures on IG. It is basically based on how much of a friend you are to him.

Its Sunday tomorrow! Can we please drop some of these lingos and be real people with real issues and point people to the God who saves! The one who loves.

Thank you

PS: This post is not a direct attack at any person or brand and it is not against positive confession or public declaration of Faith as a Christian. It would be nice to read over and over again before choosing to attack me directly on the subject matter.

PS 2: Please, my name is Bolu. Boluwatife if you may but not Bro Bolu or brother Bolu.


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