Give the church a Break, Please

Give the church a Break, Please
April 10, 2017 Bolu Akindele

I was documenting a couple of things today in my diary and I thought to share a part of it.

I’ve come to understand overtime that it’s common practice especially on social media and in this part of the world to talk negatively about the church and church practices. In every corner, there’s always something that the church isn’t doing right. When I mention church in this context, I’m don’t mean about the church as those that are in it but as a structural entity. The same way we refer to the government as an entity and not the people involved.

From one matter to the other, many have thoroughly criticized and condemned the church and the things we seem not to get right. Pastors on social media too haven’t helped matters much. Rather than preach the word and help social media become a saner place to stay, they have resorted throwing jabs, subs and tantrums at churches / ministers based on their own view and personal preferences. That’s an issue for another day actually.

As much as we know we have quite a long way to go in terms of how much we should be doing in the aspects of moulding culture, social responsibility, providing support systems and also strengthening individuals in the body of Christ we still cannot deny the innumerable impact of the church on society.

Over and over again, I’ve seen people experience radical transformation both internally and externally, I’ve seen people experience love without bounds, find hope in Christ via church and grow into full stature of realizing and walking into fulfilment of who they are and who they should be.

Personally, one of the strongest support systems I’ve had in my entire life is the church. In fact, all those who are in my inner circle of friends and mentors are people I practically met in a church system.

Church has helped in nurturing some of my gifts and has particularly groomed me in ways I could never have imagined.

Church has practically defined my life. You can call me a church boy. I’m proudly one!

So before we start to throw tantrums on social media about what the church isn’t doing, take some time out to applaud what the church is doing and doing right and see how you can plug in to do your own part in the best way you can.

In whatever capacity you can, provide mentorship, give, help people, show them love, help people see love, pray, pray and pray.

Only then can we see a more effective church fulfilling the desires of God.

So, please share, how has THE CHURCH been of help to you?


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