Happy New Year

Happy New Year
January 10, 2016 Bolu Akindele


I know this is pretty late but then, it’s better late than never.

Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2016…

I am seriously happy to have us all in this New Year. The year promises to be amazing and I can’t wait to unravel every single package in this year…

10 days into the new year and I dare ask us how far with the fulfilment of our goals?

Truth be told, goals are very easy to put to paper.

It’s relatively easy to come up with resolutions and our “I will not dos” but the main part of all these is the fulfilment of it…

If possible, get a mentor, get accountability partners to keep you in check.

Tell them your goals and let them help you through the fulfilment process.

Identify areas of your life where you need help and also identify those who have overcome in those areas.

If you can, fix meetings with them, follow them on social media, read and digest their materials and more importantly work on the things you’ve read.

May we all testify in 2016…



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