Jesus Wept – Drop The Plastics

Jesus Wept – Drop The Plastics
July 11, 2017 Bolu Akindele

A friend messaged me this morning as regards an instagram post I made on Fathers Day.
In her words “I thought I was the only one going through that situation”. Oh! I thought so too. And this isn’t the first of such that I’m receiving over that post.

I remember scrolling through a friends instagram feed about 2 years ago & telling myself I was not inspiring anyone at the time. My justification was that he was always posting motivational stuff, always inspiring people & comments were people reminding him of how much of a leader he was.
Here I was – one who called himself a leader that could not even inspire an instagram audience. So, I tried to pull of same stunts but it didn’t flow. Not because I don’t have an inspiring story or message but because that wasn’t my style.
Hopefully, when / if I die, someone would find his/her ways to my writings and cried when I cried, laugh when I laughed, be angry when I was angry, be motivated when I was, take action when I did and most importantly find comfort in the one who gave me a reason to live – Jesus.
And as I meditated on these things this morning, a popular verse of the Bible hit me. John 11:35 – Jesus wept. So I wondered why Jesus in all of his glory didn’t find some cool place to weep. He could have excused himself, found some handkerchief, gone inside, used a pair of glasses to conceal the tears or probably waited till he got home before be bawled his eyes out. But no! He did it right there. To show me and you something. That it’s okay to be real and appear vulnerable to people.

So, do I fear when I write personal stuff online? Maybe. I fear that I sometimes go to far in being vulnerable because I’m a relatively private person & I adore my space and I fear that I might not just get all of the “you’re so inspiring” comments when I post but what then? I post anyway.
Life is too short.
My point. Drop the plastics! Quit the “I’m a hard guy chase”, Be real – the correct version of you & yeah. Not every time motivational speaker
Peace out! ??


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