Letter to Bae

Letter to Bae
September 21, 2015 Bolu Akindele

I understand that you don’t like too much of publicity stunt like this one but I’ve been wanting to write this letter to you for so long. Please do forgive me; I couldn’t help it.
First and foremost, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. Honestly, I do! And ever since I got the understanding to, I’ve always prayed for you whenever I get the opportunity to do so. So, whether you believe it or not dear, I pray for you. I am just writing this letter to decently pour out my mind and thoughts to you and everyone that would read this.
Sometimes, I honestly can’t wait to meet you; to discuss Gods plan for us, to discuss our visions, to picture the destinies God wants to create in our children, to draw out plans, go shopping together, work on Photoshop together (lol), pray together and most importantly be one of the best couples ever.
You’ve heard me say that I really didn’t want to get married right? I’m so sorry about that but sincerely, I was only scared. Scared that I might not meet up with your idea of a man. Scared of not being able to live up to the standard. Scared that I might not be able to raise my ideal kind of children. Scared that many of my life’s experiences might repeat itself in my children. So scared of these things and so many more. Well, now I no longer am. I’ve learnt to cast all my cares upon God even though sometimes, I still…..
I want to hope that all is well wherever you are currently. Please do not let go; hold on and never settle for the mediocre life. The pressures of this life are not worth losing it for. Or… have you lost it? God loves you and I still do. Just make your way back to God. He forgives and He loves. It wasn’t your fault that many things happened in your childhood but with God in the boat, you can redefine the future; our future.
Yeah, I know we were going to get there. You’re scared too right? That I’m too busy to even attend to anyone. No… please try and understand. I’m working so hard to create a life for us. You definitely don’t wanna be stuck with a lazy fella who can’t fend for himself or even be independent right? Yeeees! That’s exactly why I’m working so hard now. I want to be a man… No! The man. The man of your dreams. The man fit for your future. The man fit to carry all of the natural endowments God gave you. It’s just for a while and all the busy busy thing would be over. Just to add; you’re more important to me than photography. Never forget that; however, whatever or whenever the devil tries to make you think that way.
Okay, so I know I’m too much of a fine boy but don’t worry, I’m yours and yours alone. With God in our ship, the cord cannot be broken. I’ve made a pact to remain sexually pure till I die. Now, I want to sincerely hope you’ve made that pact too. It’s the best commitment you can ever make with God.
I can’t wait to tell you that I have a mentor; an amazing one at that. My friends are the best any one could have wished for. I can’t wait to introduce you to all these amazing guys. So you see, I’m surrounded by great minds. My family, don’t worry, they’d accept you with open hands. Life is beginning to b complete only that the missing rib ain’t fixed yet. You must have heard so much about me already. My only advice is that you be selective with which of them you believe because I just might not be any of that.
Once again, I’d like to tell you that I love you so so much

Your boo,


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