Musings on the State of the Nation

Musings on the State of the Nation
March 24, 2016 Bolu Akindele

With all due respect to the presidency and the leadership of this nation, Nigeria is too great a nation for her to be all about President Buhari.

Wait! Just before you scroll on, I wish you would just return to the previous statement and spend some more time ruminating on it. I personally get very displeased over the fact that many of us are so quick to blame one man over all the negative issues affecting us in this nation. Many times, when I get into gatherings where such is being discussed, I either leave that vicinity or make sure I share a piece of my mind. Most of the times, I do the latter. Don’t blame me, I really don’t know how to keep consuming such without talking. I don’t!

nigeria is too great a nation quote

In recent times, there has been so much about the commotion over many of setbacks we face from the rising dollar rate to the fuel scarcity and even the bad electricity supply we encounter on a daily basis. Most of the time, there is one name that is found in discussions like that – President Buhari. I perfectly understand that the state of any nation depends largely on the state of her leadership but then, I strongly feel that Nigeria is much more about you and me more than about Aso Rock. This is not to say that Buhari is a perfect man and is the messiah that have been expecting but the earlier we recognize that he would be there for the next 2 + years and there’s nothing we can do about it, the better for us. So, it’s better we rise and channel whatsoever hurt we have inwardly and generate the change we have deeply desired. The earlier we do that, the better for us!

It’s really funny that many of us, one way or the other, pray for the failure of the presidency so that we can laugh at friends or colleagues that indicated interest in or voted for the Buhari – Change agenda. Well, that’s like praying that your father’s house collapses so that you can prove to him that he contracted the wrong engineer for the project. To think that many of those who take to twitter – ranting are a major fraction of those who never came out to vote in the first place.

The growth of Nigeria is a collected commitment posed towards a common goal. If we really desire the change that we have so much dreamt and talked about, we need to rise to our feet as a nation and do the needful – work out our dreams. We have shifted blames enough, raged enough and complained enough, let’s fold our sleeves, get to work and build the nation we all seek and desire.


I leave you in the words of fela Durotoye

“The future is everything that we can be but have not yet become;

The future is everything we can do but have not yet done;

The future is here, the future is now!”


NB: This post is not politically sponsored neither is it intended to celebrate any political party. They are just my sincere thoughts.

Let me hear yours. Drop your thoughts in the comment bo

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