Its Okay to Question Your Faith

Its Okay to Question Your Faith
February 28, 2017 Bolu Akindele

One of the biggest deceptions I believe has been sold to us is that when it comes to matters of God, Faith and the Bible, we immediately lose our right to ask questions.

I was in a discussion with one of my friends recently when the issue of another friend of mine who attends the same church with him came up and he immediately told me of how troublesome the guy is as he always asks very tough questions while in church and he gave some examples. I was quick to shun him and explain that it only shows how deep his Bible study life is and how he seeks to find a resolve about disturbing faith matters.

I could relate with his experience because I’ve been there before: To be honest, I’m still at that stage of my life.

Right from childhood, being one who had a more than average knowledge of the Bible and some faith matters, I was always quick to ask questions over things I felt very uncomfortable with.
Who created God? Why did God put the tree in the garden in the first place? Why didn’t God save Adam and eve? Why is God partial and so many other mind bugging questions were the type I bombarded by Sunday school teachers with back in children class and to be honest, I didn’t get satisfying answers.

Over time, I’m grateful to God that I didn’t stop asking questions because I’ve gotten real life answers to many of these questions and I’ve also grown.

In fact, I attribute a large percentage of what has contributed to my growth to my inquisitiveness. Many times, we complain endlessly about how young people leave the church in their large numbers as soon as they get their freedom but the true narrative would be that they just got confused in our practices and since there was no one to hold their hands, they went to a place where they understood their language and had answers to their questions.

I really believe that this is what has launched many into atheism. They had questions but were probably shunned / talked down on and along the line, atheism seemed to provide detailed answers to this questions and they finally found themselves on the other side.

So, when next someone comes to ask you a question about something in the Bible that seemed to contradict itself, don’t be quick to add the sinner tag. If you can, seat the person down, explain to the level in which you understand. If you don’t, be honest enough to tell the truth and refer the person to someone you know would be able to answer them.

What this brings to mind is the issue of the bereans. I mean, these guys weren’t just studying.. They would probably at some point see conflicting statements in the Bible and run back to Paul telling him how that what he said seems to be contradicting itself in the scriptures and I can imagine Paul again breaking the scriptures to their understanding. I bet they would have more knowledge of the scriptures than others who plainly accepted the word.

When next you’re also faced with a situation like this, be truthful to yourself. Ask Questions.

To be very honest, they are some things in our walk with God that we would never really understand till we meet with Jesus. There are many mysteries that will remain unraveled until the final day.

So, when these questions come up, instead of shunning yourself or beating yourself over! It’d be right to ask questions from reliable sources, study your Bible and pray to God for answers. I even know of a pastor called Ravi Zacharias who constantly uploads videos on YouTube that seeks to provide answers to these questions. My illuminaire by Leke Alder is also one timely resource for those who have questions too. You can check it up at

Your inquisitiveness is not a sign that you’re evil neither is it an expression of the devil..

I hope I did justice to this. Let’s know in the comment section below.


  1. Mae 1 year ago

    I’m utterly grateful for this post. And talk about coincidence, just days ago this happened to me. The whole questioning of my faith. I felt awful. Prayed for forgiveness. Shouldn’thave been done. Must be the devil tryna move me away from God. I thought all manner of things but it still didn’t resolve why I had questioned my faith in the first place. Eventually that sorted itself. O ignorance! I forbid thee 🙂

    • Bolu Akindele 1 year ago

      Ha ha ha. Most of us can relate to that phase of life. I’m happy that I was able to relate to that particular issue. Thanks for reading. It’s an honour

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