Re-Write Naija [Unveiled]

Re-Write Naija [Unveiled]
September 28, 2016 Bolu Akindele

​Re-Write  Naija  is  an October  1  project  created to

1.  Motivate  the  youth  towards a  better perception  of the  country

2.  Render  hope  to  the  several  hopeless hearts  about  the  state  of  the Nation

3.  Validate  the  many  dreams  aimed  towards the  better good  of  this nation.


It would  seem  that in a  season  like  this,  there  seems to  be  so  much  tension  and  frustration Nigerian  is  complain  at  the  many  problems facing  us as a  nation  but  we  believe  that  complaining about  a problem  has never  solved it.

Steve  Keating  quoted  “I’ve  never  seen a problem  that was solved by  only  complaining  about  it.

Our goal is  to  work  at  transforming  the  mind-sets  of  as  many  young  people  as  we  can  in  raising the new  breed  of Nigerians  that  would  work  effortlessly  at  seeing  a  better  nation.


To  achieve  this,  we  have  a  combination  of  young  seasoned  and  skilled  writers  who  would  be opening  us up  to  their Naija story,  telling  us  of their dreams  and  the  habits they  have  imbibed towards  following  up  to  see  their  Naija  dream  come  through.


We  believe  that  through  this,  we  are creating  opportunities  to  influence  the  lives  of  many  youths to  expand  and  see  beyond  their  current predicaments  and  the  need  to  Re-Write  a  Naija story  that  we  would  be  proud  to  have  their  children live  in  because  we  can  only  live  in  the  future  that  we  have  actively  created  in  our  minds and conditioned  our  mind  to  believe!


On  Thursday  1st  of  October  2016, we  would  be  churning  out  these  great  works  from  the  writers on  at  regular  intervals throughout  the day  and  ensure  that  these posts go viral by sharing them on as many social media platforms as possible!
Dear  Youth,  your dreams  are  still  valid!

Please join us.

Re-Write your Naija Story!


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