Of Super Falcons and her parents who don’t care

Of Super Falcons and her parents who don’t care
December 18, 2016 Bolu Akindele

These days, you just sit to think about the many issues happening in this nation and you’d literally just be weak. I’m a very optimistic person and still believe in the greatness that we can achieve as a nation but it’s getting really hard to explain to these to people who can’t even see any glint of hope at all for us as a nation.

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Recently, there’s been an issue that calls for urgent attention in Nigeria and has practically caused an uproar on the streets of twitter. It’s the case of our Super falcons [female football team] who won their 8th African title after beating Cameroon, 1-0 in the final of the 2016 African Cup of Nations and were denied the full payment of their allowances. If we have anything to celebrate as a nation currently, it’s these ladies who have decided to fight hard and not be brought down by the current circumstances and fought really hard to win the coveted award. Some days back, they took to the streets to protest this non – payment while their Cameroonian counterparts were being celebrated big time in their country for coming second.

How bad can it get?
The falcons have honestly done a great job by making is proud amidst all of the negative happenings in the county and made us shine on a global level again but no! We have decided to show our true colour. Someone even said they didn’t expect them to win. Like… Who really does that? My conclusion; when starting out to do great stuff and putting so much resources into building your career or coming up with ground breaking and mind blowing innovations, your propelling force shouldn’t be to bring glory to Nigeria. [You’d burn out fast if it is]. It can be one of the driving forces o but don’t make it the major one. Anticipating that Nigeria would celebrate you could dampen your spirit, frustrate or depress you. We don’t have good structures or even a good sports hall of fame
Get a larger picture to motivate you. Look more on the impact of your success on yourself and your brand, your family, local community and your generation. We are still very much confused about so many things in this nation.


Don’t let anyone or anything affect your vibe. Just do your stuff. If Nigeria celebrates you fine, if not
you’re still a great person. Yeah?

PS: I still believe in Nigeria and how great we CAN be but you know, we really need to be honest about


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