Use It, E no dey Finish

Use It, E no dey Finish
February 8, 2017 Bolu Akindele

As at 2013, I took my writing into another level by writing novellas.


The earlier members of Mine Teenage Ministry and those who were my friends on facebook would remember this.


I used to post my series on the group then and on my wall too and feedback showed that people enjoyed it. Someone once asked me then why I wasn’t an art student as opposed to the science department where I went to drag my head into obviously because of my flow in the arts. By the way, I used to sing, act and debate then. I even had a published book to my name.


At some point, I stopped writing.

I didn’t write anything at all for a very long period. Whenever my mom approached me to compose a text for her, I would immediately cringe and look for an opportunity to dodge.


I stopped for a very flimsy reason.


“I didn’t want the writing to finish”.


I felt that if I wrote too much, I’d get to a point where I wouldn’t have anything to write so instead of writing myself out, I felt the best decision would be to stop writing until I am approached by the person who would be willing to pay a million naira for my writing. How wrong I was!


So, I locked it up and didn’t give it much attention. Much like the guy in the biblical parable of talents who buried his talent, I just left it there.


I was waiting indeed waiting for the moment when I would spill words and the whole of Facebook would literally catch fire but to be honest, that time never came. It still has not come.


After my birthday last year, I decided to commit myself to writing more frequently. As frequently as I could. From short tweets to my long notes on daily experiences, thoughts and ultimately longer articles addressing some basic issues.


By December, I got a job in a company as a write and I am expected to write, write and write.


Have I started spitting fire??

Maybe not.


Has the writing “finish”?



Will it ever finish?

As long as the earth remains, No!


Interestingly, my writing has taken momentum again.


Day by day, I know I’m improving.

I might not be there yet but it’s a process.


Yours might not even be writing.

It might be singing, playing instruments, public speaking e.t.c.


Please, it can never finish. Use everything inside out. Squeeze it, refine, and recycle it. It only gets better


Work! Work and work.


You’d get better.


Greatness is ahead of you



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