Yes Lord, Use Me

Yes Lord, Use Me
December 5, 2016 Bolu Akindele

It was a cold and scary night!

The moon didn’t give its light!

The birds weren’t even chirping,

And the trees all stood still!
It was all ghost – quiet and seemed like all odds were against me!

I’d been running for hours, days, weeks, months and a few years. Still, I kept running!

I had terrible bruises that hurt really bad but that wouldn’t stop me!

Emptiness and depression hit me, rejection and hurt ate deep; nonetheless, my motivation to run didn’t wane!

I ran into walls, trees, obstacles and fell into gutters yet kept running!
Severally, I took solace in trees and jungle fun but tonight seemed to be different.

Rest was so far from me!
One step forward,

A little miscalculation or maybe just frustration from running and I tripped

I fell so hard that in for seconds, I almost couldn’t feel my limbs anymore.

I thought I had been paralysed!
My heart was beating about 5 times faster

Anybody a couple of metres away could possibly hear it!

I really wanted to continue running but I couldn’t.

I felt frustrated!

I actually was frustrated

It looked like all my efforts had just become futile.

In the midst of my pain, hurt and injuries,

He stretched his hand!
“Yes Lord, I quit struggling. Use me!” 

That was all I could say.


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